If you have information about a crime that has been committed in Buffalo County, you can inform law enforcement personnel without giving up your identity.

Crimestoppers is an organization that is designed to accommodate the responsible citizens of this area. This is done by providing them with a secure and convenient way to communicate with our local law enforcement officials, in an effort to support their investigative responsibilities. Individuals are encouraged to do the right thing and provide information about crimes committed in Kearney and Buffalo County. They can make a little money if interested, and remain 100% anonymous. Guaranteed. A civilian board governs Crimestoppers and is headed by President John Cahill. This board manages and promotes the Crimestoppers organization and raises money for its rewards. These rewards are paid when the information provided leads to an arrest or conviction. Crimestoppers does not receive any government assistance. If you would like to participate on the Crimstopper board and help promote "The Right Thing To Do" please contact Mr. Cahill at jmchuskers@aol.com.

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Call Buffalo County Crimestoppers

Locally 308-237-3424
Toll Free 877-237-3424

Contact Info
Email: 9098@buffalocounty.ne.gov
Address: P.O. Box 222, Kearney, NE 68848-0222
Phone: Locally 308-237-3424 Toll Free 877-237-3424


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